Samsung HAFEX External Inline Water

Single Pack 6 months use


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HAFEX External Inline Filter

Enjoy simple pleasures with fresh water always ready to go

  • HAFEX External Inline Filter
  • Genuine Samsung water filter
  • Contaminants reduction
  • Filter light indicator
  • Tested and certified performance
  • Save money and the environment
  • Samsung HAFEX External Inline Water
  • Samsung HAFEX External Inline Water
  • Samsung HAFEX External Inline Water
  • Samsung HAFEX External Inline Water

Enjoy a life where fresh and clean water is always available. The Samsung HAFEX water filter provides an alternative to bottled water. It offers you a more cost effective and eco - friendly way to enjoy water at its very best and natural form. A good quality water filter, which has been certified, will quickly become part of daily life and source of refreshment.

Freshly filtered water

Fresh filtered water at your fingertips

When you purchase a Samsung side by side or French door refrigerator with ice and water dispenser, you can rest assured that it is equipped with a highly efficient water filtration system. Whether located inside or outside of the refrigerator, these filters guarantee a reduction in contaminants. Enjoy fresh filtered water right from the dispenser without worrying, time after time.


Save money, and the environment

Save money, and the environment

With fresh-tasting filtered water just a fingertip away, you can reduce your consumption of bottled water, saving you money and causing less harm to the environment.

Water Filter light indicator

Filter light indicator

Simply refer to the digital panel on your refrigerator to see whether your filter needs replacing. When the filter requires changing the light will turn red. Each filter also comes with a month sticker that can be applied to the water filter cartridge as a reminder.

Samsung genuine Water Filter parts

Samsung genuine parts

Purchase only authentic Samsung water filter cartridges for guaranteed performance. Be wary of other brands or imitations offering a cheaper price and claiming compatibility with Samsung refrigerators. We only recommend genuine Samsung water filters for use with our refrigeration products, imitation products may be of poor quality and non-compatible.

Certified performance

Certified performance

Samsung water filters are tested and certified by NSF International, a non-profit non-governmental organisation dedicated to public health, safety and environmental protection. Its certification is widely recognised around the world as a guarantee of safety.

Contaminants reduction

Contaminants reduction

Samsung water filters use a high grade carbon block, removing over 99% of potentially harmful contaminants which may be present in your water, such as:

  • Chlorine - Chlorine is widely used in water treatment as a disinfectant but often causes water to taste and smell peculiar.
  • Heavy metals and chemicals - Lead, asbestos, benzene, mercury and carbofuran. These common industrial contaminants with high toxicities can infiltrate water sources and endanger your health.
  • Microbial Cysts - Parasites such as cryptosporidium are commonly found in lakes and rivers and often have a high resistance to disinfectants such as chlorine.

Full Specification for the HAFEX External Inline Filter

Replacement Cartridge Code DA29 - 10105J
Capacity500 Gallons
Certifications NSF 42 for Chlorine Odour and Taste Reductions
Product Dimension Weight(kg)0.26
W*D*H (Cm)5.4 x 25.6
Installation External Connection

Suitable for Samsung models…

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  • Acceptance Mark
  • Delta, MasterCard, Solo, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron